Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Our first trip to Kansas City!!

In honor of this last weekend win against the Saints I thought I'd share a bit of mine and Wes' trip to KC to see Devon and to watch the season home opener against the Falcons. 

The view of downtown from Dev's place

Sneak peek at the practice fields

Man vs Food desination #1 Stroud's... AMAZING fried chicken, the only fried chicken I will eat! 

Not my photo, but a great view of the outside of the stadium!

Warm ups(excuse the quality, I was using a point and shoot)

Yes that is a stealth bomber flying over Arrowhead!!

"Sea of Red"

Post game meal :)

Man vs Food destination #2, Oklahoma Joe's BBQ 


We had some time to kill on our last day so we visited the WW1 National Memorial, Grand Union Station and President Truman's home.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Beau's growing up ceremony

My last baby has graduated preschool! Time sure flies... 

I like Beau's future aspirations ;)


Sign-language song

Singing about colors and shapes

Beau receiving his "diploma"

and then running off the stage because he "was shy" :)

As we all know a diploma makes a great telescope!


Beau and Mrs. Chavez

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Devon Wylie's pro day at Fresno State

Well yesterday was our last jaunt down to Fresno to watch "little" bro perform at his pro day. Such a weird feeling as we have made the drive down 99 countless times in the past 5 years! It was a great day and such a neat experience getting to watch him perform for scouts from
15 different NFL teams! Not just any old job interview!

Doug, Wes and my dad waiting for go time

Dev got to work out 1 on 1 with the
Detroit Lions receivers coach

He also had 1 on 1 time with the Lions special teams coach who put
him through some punt return drills

Media time

Dev, Miles and Kelly. Crazy kids!